11th Global Anti-Corruption Compliance

11th Global Anti-Corruption Compliance

10.09.2013 –

11th Global Anti-Corruption Compliance Conference

Strengthening Internal Controls and Mitigating Risks to Ensure Compliance with FCPA, UK Bribery Act and Other Emerging Anti-Corruption Regulations

10-12 Sep 2013 
San Francisco Marriott Union Square - San Francisco, CA, United States of America

Conference Workshop

Workshop Title: Conducting Risk Assessment and Audits in High-Risk and Energing Markets
Improve existing techniques and explore new methods for detecting fraud and corruption
Workshop Moderator: M. Shahriar Masud
Company: Senior Legal Compliance Manager, Baker Hughes

Why You Should Attend

11th Global Anti-Corruption Compliance Conference

The 11th Global Anti-Corruption Compliance Conference is the only event of its kind of focus on anti-corruption, compliance and anti-bribery on a global scale. Dive into topics such as due-diligence procedures, Global Anti-Corruption Compliance programs and how to strengthen a company’s internal operations.  Gain important skills such as the ability to detect risk and identify the proper parties for a successful internal investigation and how to maintain compliance internationally.

This conference will provide its attendees with the opportunity to benchmark with seasoned cross-industry professionals and explore exciting new tools and strategies for strengthening internal processes and ensuring compliance across organizations.


Key Topics

  • Leveraging Internal Controls for Tackling Challenges with Travel, Gifts and Entertainment Practices
  • Dissecting the Latest Techniques, Tools and Strategies for Maintaining an Effective Global Anti-Corruption Compliance Program
  • Building and Maintaining a Corporate Culture of Ethics for Ensuring Reputable Business Conduct and Tackling Non-Compliance
  • Improving Vendor and Supplier Compliance in the Global Supply Chain for Stronger Internal Operations
  • Maintaining Compliance and Identifying Common Risks with Join Ventures

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